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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christian Studies

The Four Gospels Course
Thank you Universal Life Seminary and those who put this course together.  I had trouble getting started with this course but I am so glad that I finished the course in its entirety.  I began the course over at least three times in order to help me get into the course.  The course has given me a new way of looking at the Gospels and an aide to my preaching to our congregation here in Salem.   Teaching the Gospels as they apply to our lives today was really a new perspective for me.  Having been raised Catholic and the Gospel message given by most Priests related the Gospels more to the times of Jesus rather than being directed at how they relate to our present lives and times in this troubled world.  This course opened my eyes that the Gospels are a way of life and not a way of a particular religious organization.  Religion is a way of life not an organization.  
I thank you for including the section on the Gospel of Thomas.  This particular Gospel shows the preaching of love, peace, compassion and tolerance that Jesus taught while here amongst us. 
As from the past two courses I have taken I look forward to enrolling in yet another course being offered by the Seminary.
God's Blessings
Rev. Don Eck

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