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Monday, June 15, 2009

Christian Studies

From Reverend Arthur Strafuss

Last Assignment, Lesson 20.
For the most part I found the course meaningful and appropriate for the path that I am on.  I enjoyed the course and found most of the subject matter worthwhile.
The most interesting course for me was Lesson 4 "The Lost Scriptures" Looking into and reading the scriptures gave me a better understanding of Christianity as it developed.  This was important to me as that I am a reader of the Gospel of Saint Tomas, Mary, and Judas.  I use the Gospel of St Tomas as a guide in my study of the new testament as that the copy I have has a cross-reference to the Apostolic Bibles, or four main Gospels.
One of the most important parts for me was the section on forgiveness in the 3rd Lesson.  This is the most important area of Jesus' teaching and from my comparison between non-denominational and main-line churches, it is not cover enough.  Why, because:
1.    This gift maybe the greatness of all gifts given by Jesus. 
2.   To have a greater relationship with God to forgive our sins.
From is I have formed my basic message whenever I write a sermon, or a one-to-one counsel with someone who needs forgiveness.
I love the use of the different Christian Bibles showing that there isn't much difference between the different churches.  But I used the Torah, (which out of respect for my Jewish brothers and sisters I cover my head), the Qur'an (which I read facing east out of respect for my Muslim brothers and sisters. 
The lesson on Religious Titles was a little slow but I did remember the addressing of Roman Catholic Bishops which I forgot.  As for myself I will stay with the title of Reverend.
Three lesions on St Paul were too much, in that I am more interested in the Church since Paul, and not in history that I had since grade school Sunday School.
I would have to have had contact with the instructor during the course.  I am speaking as an Instructional Designer, I would have liked to have the course more interactive and have feedback.  The use of the forum was great, talking to other students and discussing topics' was helpful. 
For me, I will continue my studies and use this course in my Ministry.  I am continuing my study into non- denominational churches, and compare them to main-line churches as that I think they have the "IT" that so many churches have lost.
Thanks and blessing from:
Reverend Arthur Strafuss

I plan on taking more courses, but not right away.

The Universal Life Church offers free online ordination and an extensive seminary program where we offer a course in Wiccan Studies, one on the Four Gospels, several courses that are based on A Course in Miracles, several Christian Studies courses and a variety of courses on Spiritual Awareness and Spiritual Development.

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