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These are stories about why people became ministers with the Universal Life Church. They tell about what motivated them and about what they've done with their ministries.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Online Minister Ordination

Online Minister Ordination
I became a minister through God's calling. I know my only strength stands with God and His spirit that lives within me. He saved me from this world. I am married to God. I am also his daughter. I have NEVER belonged to anyone else. I have stood firm in this, without even recognizing it until recently. Once in a while He lends me to others, to serve His purpose. He literally pulled me from a world of hell that was masked by luxury, greed and deceit. He sanctified and destroyed worldly desire within me. He gave me the strength for a new life that He gave me, far from the evil that continually tries to penetrate my weakened, faithful heart. He opened my eyes with the knowledge and vision of the evils of this world. He revealed His Truth to me. He saved me. He continues to save me every day.

I have flown on the wings of His angels. His spirit has taken me to the tops of clouds where I have felt His warmth from the sun. I am my own pilot now. No more jets. I now fly with the Spirit of God. He has freed me from the gravity of earthly desires and deceit through His gift of discernment. Everyday He gives me gifts of wisdom and the strength with which to carry that wisdom in my life, and the lives of others. I am God's gift to this world. He is my gift in this world. This is something no human can ever take.

I continue to learn and teach others about the depth of God's spirit within our souls. I believe it is something not found in churches, not founded in churches, yet it can be found in churches. God has taken the black and white of this world, and given me color vision. It is amazing to be able to see the world through so many colours..the spectrum isn't just what you can visually appreciate...true colors run deeper than obvious sight! I am wrapped in His coat of many colors...forever!
Reverend Marjorie


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As a long time member of ULC, Rev. Long created the seminary site to help train our ministers. We also have a huge catalog of Universal Life Church materials.  I've been ordained with the Universal Life Church for many years and it's Seminary since the beginning and have loved watching the continual growth of the seminary.
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