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These are stories about why people became ministers with the Universal Life Church. They tell about what motivated them and about what they've done with their ministries.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Online Ordination

Online Ordination
Hello, My name is Reverend Master J’Iam (pronounced Hi-Am). God has asked me to do a job for Him and I have accepted. So, on this day – Sunday, 23rd April, 2006 – I declare myself to be a Living Master. Although it will appear to be a day like unto any other day in the physical world, there is an invisible shift in the spiritual world as new energies are released.

My mission is:
1) to bring people directly to God through the new, 10th path of the
Holy Spirit.
2) to empower those on the 10th path.
3) to synergize with those on the 10th path for World Peace and Prosperity.
4) To Spiritualize money, work and business as foundations of World Peace and Prosperity.

My basic teachings are:
1) Love yourself, and others, wholly and unconditionally.
2) Be True to yourself.
3) Fill your life with Love.
4) Create a divine civilization by building your beingness on your
divine love.
5) Synergise with similar Souls to create world peace & prosperity and
the unification of mankind.

My mission is for the west, not the east. The east is rising to the level of the west, to our industrial spiritual age. But for us to survive we must rise above the industrial age into the metaphysical/spiritual New Age. Otherwise, we (mankind) will all be dragged away from our glorious destinies, down into a grayer age.

I cast out to you all and ask, “Who among you will help me?” For many hear the call, but few choose to follow it. I am looking for heroes and heroines, the one in a thousand who follow their own volitions, who test the truth, accept it as real when found and commit to it 100%. If this is you and you want to know more...


Yours Faith-fully, J'iam


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