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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Online Ordination

Amy,  thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement.  I would like to share some with you so others may also be encouraged.  First a little about myself, before I was reborn I had spent twenty three years in the involvement of the outlaw bikes life.  From just being a member to an officer.  Now that being said that should be enough.  

Our wonderful Lord and father has blessed me to become able after thirty four years to actually have emotions.  Something I had on real rememberance of in those years.  I didnt know at that time, but it was the begining of the relationship that I have with our Lord that continuously becomes more beautifully and wonderful every minute and satan has had a fit. Satan has attacked my wife and I from every angel from the planning of thoughts of doubt and hostility towards each other and others.  

Loss of jobs and transportation and even being homeless and now recently the attack of my health that keeps of from being able to work.  Well I an here to testify that satan has already lost because every time he tries something just strengthens the love and faith that my wife and I have for our Lord and father.  Just the blessing we have already received of knowing we are forgiven loved and not hopeless.  I know that our father is guiding and teaching my wife and I to share with others and that since I was given there blessings after who and what I was I feel I would not do our father the love and honor to have him use me to show what has been done for me so others can know and feel his love also.  

Thank you allowing of to share.  I leave you with Eph: 6:10-20, I use to put on a vest with a colorful patch on the back for everyone to see, know I put the armour of God on in my heart and my walk for him to use me so everyone can feel and see his wonderful love.        

Your Friend                                   
In Jesus Christ,                               
Rev. Thomas and Linda

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